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HEET Diesel protection, performance, start in the cold

The leading product in the HEETTM Diesel range is HEET Diesel Complete Fuel System Treatment which is a concentrated year round formula which cleans fuel injectors, boosts power and prevents gelling. + Read more.

Tips for Fuel Generators

Any vehicle or petrol powered equipment, like generators you use infrequently is at risk from stale fuel. Even fuel stored in jerry cans needs to ensure...+ Read more.

Protect your car and Start Fast every time!

Don't be caught out when you want to drive your pride and joy.... STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser ensures you start fast every time...+ Read more.

More about STA-BIL Diesel

Diesel formula STA-BIL Fuel stabiliser keeps diesel fresh whether you're storing diesel in a tank or drum, parking farm equipment until the next harvest or putting the boat...+ Read more.

Winterising ... protect your toys with STA-BIL

As you head back into the winter off-season protect your boat and small petrol fuelled equipment by topping up the fuel tank and adding STA-BIL Storage to the fuel tank. + Read more.

If you store, start with STA-BIL

Degraded petrol is significantly less combustible than fresh fuel and is often the cause of engines that are hard starting and have poor performance. Leave it... + Read more.